Mission Statement & Core Values

Go therefore and make disciples...


"The purpose of Murphy First Baptist church is to magnify the name of God by bringing people to Jesus and membership in His family, developing them to Christ like maturity and equipping them for their ministry in the church and life mission in the world."


The following core values express how our church seeks to accomplish her purpose statement:
Core Value 1
"Magnify the name of God." We do this through worship. This includes both corporate and personal worship. The greatest command in the Bible is to love God with all our heart, and we do that by worshiping Him. Our corporate worship with God's people is also enhanced when we participate in personal worship. A personal intimacy with God develops and grows in worship. Worship gives us power to live on.
Core Value 2
"Membership in His Church." We do this through incorporation into the fellowship of God's people. Every believer is to have a sense of belonging to a family where he/she is loved, cared for and supported. We encourage every member to belong to a small group so that you can begin to form relationships. Fellowship gives us people to live with.
Core Value 3
"Developing them to Christ like maturity." We do this through discipleship. This church encourages every believer to engage in the process of an ever deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. This includes learning to apply spiritual disciplines as well as biblical truths. Discipleship gives us principles to live by.
Core Value 4
"Ministry in the church." We do this through service to others. God equips every believer with spiritual gifts. Members are expected to use their spiritual gifts to benefit the body of Christ. God has designed the church in such a way that every believer is vital and necessary for the church to function effectively. Service gives us a profession to live out.
Core Value 5
"Mission in the world." We do this through evangelism. First, evangelism is to be personal. That means every believer has the privilege of sharing his/her faith with others. Second, evangelism is to be intentional. Every believer is to focus on sharing the gospel. Third, evangelism is to be relational. We share Christ out of our relationship with others. Evangelism gives us a purpose to live for.

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